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Recruiting Right – Job Fit, Culture Fit, Potential

When employees leave a company, they take with them the skills acquired and knowledge gained while at your company. Furthermore, when adding all of the direct and indirect costs, the total cost of turnover can be 2-3 times the salary of the position. For any company, a lost employee is lost money. An effective recruitment & selection system looks beyond structured interviews and competencies and incorporates in-depth assessment of cultural fit as well as individuals’ potential.



 Conduct recruitment and selection gap analysis (job fit, culture fit, potential)

 Enhance recruitment policies and process
 Design competency framework for recruitment and selection
 Design and conduct assessment centres
 Conduct competency-based interview skills programme


Measuring Right – Aligning Individual Achievements to Business Performance

Vision and Mission provide guidance to the organisation’s strategic direction. Are our business unit leaders and heads of departments focussed on the right things to achieve our vision? However, how many staff on the ground truly appreciate the intent and understand what it means to them at their operational level?

Setting  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the organisation and individuals allow for clarity of their roles and understanding of how they contribute to the bigger picture.

Measuring beyond Financial results (which only measures past events) to include Customer, Operational results and leading indicators.


 Conduct performance management gap analysis



• Develop corporate performance scorecard
 Cascade and monitor corporate performance at divisional level
 Develop performance appraisal system (policies, process, forms)
• Align performance management to rewards and recognition

 Conduct staff engagement session on performance appraisal
• Conduct training on performance appraisal for supervisors and staff, goal-setting, giving and receiving feedback and writing appraisals


Identifying Your Next Generation Leaders

The next generation of leaders need to be proactively identified and developed.

“… An effective human capital strategy is not merely about remaining open to talent wherever it comes from. It has to be first and foremost about proactive development… This proactive development… has to be central to  sustaining competitiveness.”

– Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam & Minister For Finance



 Conduct talent management gap analysis
 Conduct talent audit (job fit, culture fit, potential)
 Measure bench strength


 Develop leadership competencies framework
 Conduct leadership assessment (competencies, values)
 Develop succession plan
 Develop career structure
 Develop mentor scheme
 Design and conduct assessment centres


 Conduct programme for new managers
 Conduct programmes on leading change, problem solving, decision making, managing teams, personal mastery, influencing and negotiation skills and leading teams
 Conduct executive coaching 
 Conduct coaching, mentoring and counselling



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