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Before you embark on your customer experience programme, you need to know what you are working towards. Many organisations think they are delivering a superior experience but very few customers actually think so. This happens because they took an “inside-out approach” to developing their WOW moments.

Design to Delight: The Desired Customer Experience

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We begin first by helping you identify the Desired Customer Experience from an “outside-in” perspective. A Customer Experience is an interaction between an organisation and a customer.  It is a blend of an organisation’s physical performance, the senses stimulated and emotions evoked, each intuitively measured against customer expectations across all moments of contact.

Purposefully evoking and consistently delivering the right emotions through the
customer experience drive customer loyalty and / or advocacy.

Through a blend of aAdvantage service analytics, organisation development tools and methodologies and engagement capabilities, we are able to help you:

► Determine the key emotions that drive customer loyalty and / or advocacy; should the organisation offer a singular customer experience or offer varying experiences by processes, customer segments etc. 
► Identify and prioritise the key interventions that would purposefully and consistently evoke the desired emotions / customer experience across all customer touch-points. Recommendations will be made in areas involving staff behaviour, internal and external processes and the physical environment customers come in contact with.
► Engage and equip your people at all levels and across functions to manage and deliver the desired customer experience.


Create a Workplace that Enables Your People to Deliver

The culture of your organisation is either your biggest asset or your biggest liability. Who you are and what you stand for has become the most significant differentiator of performance.

To consistently deliver great and differentiated customer experience, your people must be given an environment where they are enabled and equipped to deliver. Inhibitors to building a strong service culture must be identified and addressed even as you focus on interacting with and engaging your customers. A strong positive culture creates internal cohesion and enhances the organisation’s capacity to deliver its intended outcomes. On the other hand, your organisation’s culture is a liability when it displays high levels of cultural entropy: when limiting behaviours such as blame, bureaucracy, internal competition and manipulation inhibit the smooth functioning of the organisation.

► What type of people do we have in the organisation today? What motivates them? 
► How would you describe the current organisation culture and hence the ability to deliver great service?
► What is the desired culture that will help us achieve the organisation / service outcomes?
► Where are the gaps and priorities?
► What interventions can we introduce internally to bridge these gaps?
► How do we manage the organisation and individual transitions?



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aAdvantage Consulting has been providing impactful insights in the areas of customer experience and loyalty and organisational development  to both large and small organisations in industries such as health care, retail and public services. We improve our clients understanding of their customers and their competitors enabling them to exploit new opportunities. Discover our unique approach to Customer Experience.



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