Roadmap to Business Excellence and Niche Standards

The BE application process can be a daunting task. You will be required to prepare documentation for submission and site visits. What is the criteria? How should you position your organisation? What should you present to the BE assessment team during the site visit? How should you prepare your people?

Tap on our experience and knowledge in managing Organisational Development and BE initiative. We share best practices and information on the assessment process to ensure you have a good understanding of the certification/award you are reaching for.

With any initiative, we start by understanding your business and organisational needs through interviews with leaders and key personnel. We design and recommend an implementation plan that focuses on closing your gaps (quick wins and medium to long term action items) and preparing for the assessment process (i.e. submission and site visits). A large part of our implementation plan will also focus on communicating key messages to all staff to ensure buy-in and alignment.

Business Excellence

There are several paths you can take under the SPRING Singapore’s Business Excellence (BE) Initiative depending on your current state and business model. If you are just starting out on your journey, there are many resources from SPRING Singapore such as BE briefings, clinics and training courses, which you can find here. These provide you with a good understanding of BE. When you are committed to undertaking this journey towards continuous performance, consider the various certifications and awards under the BE initiative.


Certifications and awards in Business Excellence and Niche Standards

► Singapore Quality Class (SQC) and Singapore Quality Award (SQA)
► People Developer (PD) and People Excellence

► Singapore Innovation Class (I-Class) and Singapore Innovation Excellence Award

► Singapore Service Class (S-Class) and Singapore Service Excellence Awards


Holistic approach. Impactful results.

As a Business Excellence consultant, Jacqueline Gwee has been assisting both large and small organisations in industries such as health care, retail, education and public services in achieving their BE certifications. Discover our holistic approach to Business Excellence.



Business Excellence


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