Leading Retreats to Advance Business Goals

Meetings that are highly relevant, interactive and inspiring can help you gain buy-in, commitment and accountability from your team. Good and impartial facilitation expedite this by moderating meeting processes, maximise the democracy and inclusivity of those processes and inject creativity, interactivity and inspiration to keep the process engaging.

Shaping Conversations

Corporate dynamics influence the way corporate conversations take place and can affect the productivity of meetings and interactions. Our Business Facilitation solution is tailor-made to address the specific people challenges you face during your interactions.

Experienced facilitators come from various corporate backgrounds (public, private and multinational organisations) and understand the nuances of the corporate world. Utilising proven methodologies and tools such as Action Research and Response Model, our facilitators plan, design and guide your interactions towards positive outcomes.

Our facilitation can assist with:
► Monitering the agenda.

► Facilitating general discussion between clients and their stakeholders (vendors, partners, board of directors, etc).

► Motivating and inspiring groups for highly creative interactions through relevant activities and exercises.

► Teaching new thinking skills and facilitate structured thinking activities.
► Designing and conducting programmes around key themes.

► Facilitating general discussion processes to encourage active participation and create a safe environment that values constructive criticism, debate and differing views.

► Contextualising content and simplifying complex concepts so interactions are relevant, engaging and productive.

Business Matters

More than just aligning conversations, we tap on our strong business consulting background in industries such as health care, retail and education to plan and facilitate business strategy and planning sessions. Utilising business facilitation techniques such as SWOT and gap analysis, our facilitated sessions enable you to identify areas for improvement and implement training and coaching interventions to facilitate solutions.

Unique Approach. Impactful Conversations.

aAdvantage Consulting has been providing effective facilitating, training and coaching interventions to both large and small organisations in industries such as health care, retail and public services. We help our clients improve corporate relationships between their leaders, teams, partners and employees and nurture a productive, collaborative and interdependent work place.


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