Money FM 89.3: Measuring Culture in the Workplace (6 Nov 2019)‚Äč

Our Director & Founder, Ms Jacqueline Gwee, shared on Prime Time on how to develop and sustain a culture that enables achievement and how to select, develop and retain talent.



Culture – An Amplifier for Success in the Digital Age

Picture this: The senior leadership team members enter the room, chatting as they take their seats. The meeting starts on time, everyone shares and contributes actively to the agenda. Elsewhere, another leadership team enters the meeting room, silent and tense. As the meeting starts, individuals start pointing fingers at one another or remain silent throughout; there is no ownership of issues. The differences between the two groups are stark. The first group of leaders displays behaviours consistent with values of collaboration, accountability and trust. The second group exhibits silo-mentality, blame and caution.


From Vision to Results; Making it Happen

The call for change is loud if not clear. Every day, we are being bombarded with buzzwords and acronyms like AI, disruptions, IOTs, block-chain and many more. As our economy restructures and transits into the digital economy, it is crucial for businesses to be in sync with this transformation and take necessary actions to innovate and develop new capabilities to remain competitive. At the same time, there is an ongoing call for SMEs to go beyond their current shores, to tap into the fast-growing economies and leverage the opportunities there.