Client in the News: Zone X

AsiaOne, 20 March 2013
“Shooting down the competition with high-tech smarts”
Zone X, an amusement arcade leveraged SPRING Singapore’s Customer Centric Initiative (CCI) grant to reduce cost, enhance service and improve efficiency. 

Our client made the news!



MyPaper 25 Jun 2013

MyPaper: Ask the Career Coach
“Pick the learning path that best suits your needs”
My Paper reader seeks advise on pursuing a learning path to increase career prospects. 
Contributing Career Coach, Jacqueline Gwee, Director of aAdvantage Consulting Group shares her expert opinion on selecting the right learning path.



Client in the News: JurongHealth

Straits Times, 19 March 2013
“Rise in Singapore customer satisfaction index”

Congratulations to JurongHealth for emerging top in the National Customer Satisfaction Index 2012. 

Our client made the news!



AsiaOne 19 Feb 2013

AsiaOne: Building Careers
“It pays to be inclusive at work.”

Do you adopt a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach at your workplace? Are you keen on creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace for your employees ? How can you engage and motivate professionals across various demography and segments?




aAdvantage is Featured in Work-Life MOVERS

Work-Life MOVERS features individuals who champion the cause for work-life integration in their organisations.

“It is our responsibility as leaders to define the Work-Life intent and how it fits in with the organisational strategy.  We need to set clear expectations as well as what is considered acceptable practices and behaviours (“Rules of engagement”) to enable staff to execute the work-life intent in all areas of work.”

- Ms. Jacqueline Gwee, Director and Founder, aAdvantage Consulting



Annual Employee Engagement Survey

When was the last time you listened to your employees?
The National Employee Engagement Index is a national benchmarking tool from aAdvantage Consulting that provides insights into work perceptions of Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners working in Singapore.

In 2011 and 2012, we conducted a nation-wide employee engagement survey amongst Singapore workforce attracting about 6,700 respondents. The survey revealed interesting insights and indicated an engagement score of 76.5 that can be used to benchmark against companies and organisations.

How does your organisation measure up against the national index?



AsiaOne 16 Jan 2013

“Staff loyalty takes on new meaning”

Is staff loyalty a thing of the past? Do we need to redefine loyalty? How can we motivate and engage employees?

Experts, Josh Goh, Assistant Director of The GMP Group and Jacqueline Gwee, Director of aAdvantage Consulting Group share current issues employers face in retaining younger talents and ways to keep your attrition rate low.